Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cloud Computing, SAP and Data Integration for EDI and B2B

In the blog article by David Linthicum titled, The Importance of Data Integration in the Era of Cloud Computing, he describes some of the issues that companies face when trying to outsource key business processes to the cloud.

"...many enterprises are not accounting for the costs and complexities of doing data integration between the clouds and the enterprise, and since they are typically moving to cloud computing providers for the cost savings, you need to consider that as well. In some instances, moving to a cloud provider could actually cost more, when considering the data integration costs."

I agree with David. In the context of outsourcing EDI and B2B to a cloud (managed service provider) there needs to be a very efficient way of connecting to the cloud if you want to save money. Crossgate has developed their B2B managed services offering on SAP's Netweaver PI infrastructure. Why? Crossgate (as a company that SAP has invested in) focuses on providing managed B2B and EDI services to SAP users. Therefore, Crossgate can simplify the integration between SAP users and the Cloud by pre-establishing Netweaver PI to Netweaver PI integration.

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