Thursday, June 4, 2009

Electronic Invoicing in Mexico

Last month (May 2009), Mexico's tax authorities (SAT) began requiring a new complex set of rules and requirements for electronic invoicing. The purpose of these rules are to provide SAT with better visibility, for tax purposes, into the sales and revenue streams of businesses in Mexico.

Crossgate (an EDI managed services company that is co-owned by SAP) provides global e-Invoicing, EDI and B2B managed services for many fortune 1000 companies already, but the Mexico requirements are different and unique. They were a challenge to support, but we have now completed these requirements and are in production with a managed services solution.

Here are some of the high level requirements for you to understand:
  1. You must be registered with SAT (Mexico Tax Authorities) to exchange electronic invoices
  2. You must register and download a list of folio numbers (similar to invoice numbers but provided by SAT)
  3. A folio number must be assigned to every invoice. You will likely have your own invoice number with an associated SAT issued folio number
  4. On a monthly basis, companies must provide SAT with a list of folios that were used during the month.
  5. Companies must archive a special XML file for each folio used during the month and it must be stored on premise

Email me if you would like the rest of the detailed requirements and information on Crossgate's automated e-Invoicing solution for Mexico.



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