Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SAP and Crossgate extend B2B 360 Services to Support SAP® Supply Network Collaboration (SAP SNC)

Today SAP and Crossgate (an EDI/B2B exchange co-owned by SAP) announced a number of new service extensions that support the EDI and B2B requirements of the Supplier Network Collaboration (SNC) solution from SAP. These new solutions and services are the result of the joint-development work between SAP and Crossgate to support a new paradigm of EDI and B2B, and to make the implementations of supply chains and trading partner communities faster, easier and less expensive for SAP customers. This new paradigm takes advantage of several maturing standards, eSOA, ESR (enterprise service oriented architectures) and SAP Netweaver.

SAP and Crossgate streamline the integration and responsiveness of global supply chains by providing pre-configured B2B collaboration for customers using SAP SNC

Crossgate has released a set of core service extensions in support of the SAP® Supply Network Collaboration (SAP SNC) application, eliminating time and material B2B integration projects which have often presented challenges to supply chain managers.

Globalization of industries, the increasing speed of business and growing customer demand have created numerous opportunities for business growth and expansion. To take full advantage of these opportunities, organizations need to overcome the challenges involved in expanding supply chains to accommodate customer demand while maintaining visibility and control.

Crossgate is helping companies succeed in meeting the challenges of managing ever-expanding supply chains by offering them business process outsourcing (BPO) services that have qualified as “Powered by SAP”. These services from Crossgate, called B2B360˚ Services, offer a set of predefined service extensions designed for use with SAP applications. Crossgate’s Business-Ready Network already provides access to more than 40,000 network partners around the world that SAP customers can connect to and collaborate with. With Crossgate, companies can integrate any supplier of any size, anywhere in the world, for a predictable and fixed cost without having to impose new standards or change management procedures.

B2B360˚ Services “Powered by SAP provide a turnkey integration solution that offers clear benefits in terms of time to value and total cost of ownership for customers. B2B integration with SAP SNC can be realized in a simple and very efficient manner.

“With Crossgate’s service extensions in support of SAP SNC, companies have the ability to electronically integrate suppliers and customers, without having to push mapping standards toward them,” said Lori Mitchell-Keller, senior vice president, Suite Solution Management, SAP. “The result is an increased level of end-to-end integration with global suppliers.”

Developing collaborative relationships is not always easy, since each partner has different technical capabilities and communication standards. Being able to integrate an entire network of suppliers with a single connection to the Crossgate Business-Ready Network gives companies a measurable increase in process excellence and operational efficiency. The Crossgate service extensions allow companies to quickly respond to upcoming business demands to integrate a new supplier or replace an existing trading partner for scenarios such as multi location visibility, forecast collaboration, supplier managed inventory or production progress reporting, without costly and labor-intensive change management or time and material integration projects.

From a technical perspective, the Crossgate service extension designed for use with SAP Supply Network Collaboration features out-of-the-box integration to EDIFACT, X12, industry-specific XML standards and a turnkey integration of trading partner-specific data formats for industries including high tech, consumer products and automotive.

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