Monday, September 20, 2010

The Real Time Component of Mexico e-Invoicing and SAT Enhancements, Part 1

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The evolution of e-Invoicing in Mexico is very interesting to me. The most recent announcement (in Spanish) is a significant mandate that requires IT organizations to change architecture, business processes and methodologies. Let's take a look at a few sentences regarding the requirements.

  1. Companies will be required to integrate with the SAT for invoice approvals in real time.
  2. Outgoing invoices must be prepared in a specific XML format and authorized in advance as part of the logistics process before shipments can be delivered.
  3. Incoming invoices must be externally validated.
  4. Incoming invoices must be archived and stored.
It doesn't take much pondering to realize these requirements involve significant change and work.

I came across this warning last week from e-Invoicing expert Scott Lewin from Crossgate, the developers of SAP's SAP Information Interchange.  “With these new regulations, the government will be intimately involved in every step of the shipping process.  Traditional invoicing processes will not be able to support the real-time interactions between a company’s IT systems and the Mexico SAT."

I would encourage IT organizations to meet quickly and review the four requirements listed above.  Each of those four points can require a separate IT project that may involve B2B/EDI systems, integrations, database development and other work.  The alternative, of course, would be to discuss your requirements with an e-Invoicing managed services provider like Crossgate and learn if they can save you effort and time.

Real Time Component of Mexico e-Invoicing and SAT Enhancements, Part 2 

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