Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Crossgate Offers e-Invoicing Solution to Comply with Mexico SAT Enhancement

Today I received this announcement from Crossgate about their support for the new Mexico e-Invoicing requirements.  For those not familiar with Crossgate, SAP co-owns them, and Crossgate developed SAP's SAP Information Interchange EDI and e-Invoicing managed services hub.

Atlanta, Georgia, September 13, 2010 Crossgate Inc., the global expert in business-to-business integration (B2B) and eInvoicing, releases an e-invoicing solution that provides real-time compliance with newly announced regulations by Mexico’s Servicio de Administraci√≥n Tributaria (SAT).

In a press conference held on September 3, 2010, Mexico’s SAT announced new compliance laws for electronic invoicing which will take effect January 1, 2011; and the impact on business processes will be significant for companies that haven’t prepared in advance. Many companies are still adapting to the major changes that went into effect in 2009 requiring companies to either obtain invoice forms from the government or adopt an e-invoicing solution to replace traditional paper invoices.

When last year’s regulatory changes were announced, Crossgate immediately stepped up to help global businesses meet the new requirements with a fully compliant, on-demand e-invoicing solution that uses the Firma El√©ctronica Avanzada (FIEL) and meets all of the technical specifications and standards specified by the SAT. Now, with new mandates on the horizon, Crossgate is again ready to help companies meet the challenge with an even more robust and streamlined e-invoicing solution that is fully integrated not only with the SAT, but also with SAP.

The new compliance mandates being instituted next year in Mexico will:

• Take effect January 1, 2011

• Eliminate folio numbers which are replaced by digitally signing and archiving an invoice with a valid timbre number

• Require regulatory compliance checks with government certified organizations for both senders and receivers of invoices

• Invoices in excess of 2,000 pesos must be approved digitally

Companies will be required to integrate with the SAT for invoice approvals in real time. Outgoing invoices must be prepared in a specific XML format and authorized in advance as part of the logistics process before shipments can be delivered. Similarly, incoming invoices must be externally validated, then archived and stored. “With these new regulations, the government will be intimately involved in every step of the shipping process,” said Scott Lewin, President, Crossgate, Inc. “Traditional invoicing processes will not be able to support the real-time interactions between a company’s IT systems and the SAT. Global companies need a managed B2B service that can remain in compliance with the changing mandates of the SAT while providing real-time operational support in Spanish. Crossgate also supports the electronic invoice requirements in Brazil, Argentina and Chile, enabling companies to access one solution and comply with all major LATAM eInvoicing regulations. Since Crossgate’s B2B 360 Services and e-Invoicing Network is already fully integrated with SAP, companies can leverage their existing IT investments to interact seamlessly with our network based service.”

The new regulations are still a few months away, but companies should start planning now. “With a large influx of implementation requests, we are encouraging organizations to lock in solutions and service personnel by the end of September,” adds Lewin. “We know the required processes and can help companies adapt to the changing regulatory landscape in Mexico but there is only limited time remaining for companies to adapt.”

Crossgate’s B2B 360 Services and e-Invoicing Network is a proven solution that makes it easy for companies around the world to comply with government regulations in 38 countries including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and the European Union.

I have a lot of friends and contacts that are working on Mexico e-Invoicing projects, so if you have any questions about it contact me and I will do my best to get some answers for you.

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