Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Crossgate is SAP's Answer to EDI and B2B Requirements

SAP and Crossgate (Crossgate is co-owned by SAP) have been jointly developing some very interesting EDI and B2B solutions in the form of "service extensions" to SAP applications including SNC (Supplier Network Collaboration), TM (Transportation Management), e-Invoicing and many other areas. This is a new strategy for EDI and B2B that is SAP-centric and very intriguing for SAP users seeking to integrate with a powerful global exchange that can provide higher service levels and reduced costs.

Crossgate provides an EDI/B2B managed services hub in a cloud computing environment that utilizes SAP technology including Netweaver PI. They specialize in operating and supporting EDI and B2B systems for SAP customers. They also support a wide range of other ERPs and software applications that may also be present in an SAP customer's IT environment.

Crossgate develops the SAP integrations, tests, and supports the production environments. During project planning, the Crossgate Support team works with the customer to collect the design materials required for development. This includes format descriptions for the ERP message layouts, guidelines for each trading partner, and sample test data and test scenarios for each back-end business process.

This is how an SAP user is set-up - Crossgate configures an ERP profile (interface) which integrates the SAP ERP (or other SAP applications) to Crossgate's EDI/B2B exchange. Once the ERP profile is connected, the data can be moved in and out of the Crossgate exchange and translated into all the various EDI and B2B standards and custom B2B file formats required within your trading partner community. Crossgate manages the deployment and trading partner implementations as part of their managed services.

The SAP user no longer needs to purchase and maintain third party EDI translators, mapping tools, point to point mappings, integration scripts, communication servers, EDI staff, EDI consultants, EDI helpdesks, etc. They can simply interface with the Crossgate EDI/B2B exchange and the EDI/B2B processes are then managed and supported at a considerable cost savings.

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