Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mobile and Location Based Services and EDI Integration

Location based services are not usually associated with EDI or B2B integrations, however, I am considering a scenario where that might change.  By location based services we generally think of mobile phones, Smart Phones and handheld computers.  We think of various marketing and informational programs that can target the phones of people within a specific distant of a business.  For example, you want Pizza so you open Safari on your iPhone and type in the word pizza.  It immediately shows you on a map the location of businesses that serve pizza.  By tapping on the screen up pops their address, phone number and website.  How does EDI fit into that?

Many large companies have central ERPs (enterprise resource planning) software that manages their business.  ERPs manage just about everything from new employee hires, transportation, shipping and manufacturing.  Sometimes the information you need in a "location based services" application is kept on one or more ERPs. This may involve real-time A2A (application-to-application) or EDI integration to access this information. 

In this article there is an interesting example of LBSs from Subway (the sandwich folks) and a scenario with a grocery store chain.

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