Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Contract Manufacturing, SAP, EDI and B2B

I am working with a large multi-national high tech manufacturer that has a need to add a large number of EDI and B2B connections to a new and evolving group of trading partners. Their motivation is their increasing use of contract manufacturers and the adoption of new distribution, support and sales models.

Mark Schenecker, with the SAP High Tech Industry Business Unit, speaks about these kinds of environments and issues as needing an "agile" IT model. A business and IT model that enables companies to rapidly address changing business, sales, distribution, support and marketing models.

I am a former EDI Manager. As such, we were involved in lengthy, multi-year EDI implementation projects. Now days, this is not acceptable or workable. A new model is required that can enable companies to add and subtract supply chains, distribution channels and logistics companies in days or weeks.

SAP has developed a new model for SAP customers to implement and support EDI and B2B needs. This new model, is often referred to as "Business Network Transformation" and supports the on-demand implementation of large numbers of EDI and B2B trading partners through an Automated Business Exchange that is co-owned by SAP called Crossgate. This automated business exchange uses Netweaver and other SAP technology to simplify EDI implementations and support for SAP customers.

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