Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SAP Users are Outsourcing EDI/B2B to Crossgate

Last week I spent some time onsite with a large SAP customer discussing their plans for EDI and B2B. They, like everyone else, have had to reduce their IT staff and slow down their IT plans and ambitions over the past year. They were, however, very interested in looking at the new model for supporting EDI and B2B requirements that is being promoted by SAP and Crossgate. Why? They have an increasing number of EDI relationships that need to be implemented and supported, but less budget and staff to dedicate to it.

This model, that SAP often calls "Business Network Transformation" utilizes Netweaver (when available) or IDocs and/or tRFC to connect with Crossgate's EDI and B2B Hub that also utilizes Netweaver. Crossgate then takes care of all EDI and B2B mapping, integration, trading partner implementations, operations and support for a simple one time set-up fee and then low monthly support fees. This managed service frees up the IT staff to focus on core SAP related projects while Crossgate manages all external trading partner communications.

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