Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Real Time Component of Mexico e-Invoicing and SAT Enhancements, Part 2

This article is Part 2 in this series on The Real Time Component of Mexico's e-Invoicing and SAT Enhancements.  In Part 1 we listed four new requirements that the Mexico SAT authorities identified recently as enhancements for e-Invoicing.  In this article we will explore some questions IT departments will ask themselves upon reading these requirements.

  1. Companies will be required to integrate with the SAT for invoice approvals in real time.  How do I integrate?  What am I integrating with?  What is the data format?  What fields are required?  "Real-time?"  What data exchange standard do I use?  What are the header and footer requirements?  What kind of B2B/EDI system will I need?  Where am I going to pull the data that SAT requires?
  2. Outgoing invoices must be prepared in a specific XML format and authorized in advance as part of the logistics process before shipments can be delivered. How do I convert my invoice format to SAT's XML?  How do I map my data to their formats?  How do I get authorization in advance of shipping?  What will this do to my shipping process?  Will this delay shipments?
  3. Incoming invoices must be externally validated.  I must now validate my vendors' and suppliers' invoices?  How?  How do I trigger a validation process when an invoice comes in?  What does a validation look like?  Where do I store a validation?  How do I associate a validation with an invoice?
  4. e-Invoicing Panelist
  5. Incoming invoices must be archived and stored. Where must they be archived?  What format?  How long do I archive them?  How can I find them quickly when audited?  What are the format requirements for archiving?
As you can quickly see there are some issues that need to be learned, and in a hurry.  If you would like to be introduced to some Mexico e-Inovicing experts, let me know and I can put you in touch with them.

I also know that Crossgate, a company co-owned by SAP, is planning a webinar on Mexico e-Invoicing.  You may want to check out their website for dates and times.

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