Friday, June 5, 2009

Major Online Retailer Integrates Business Partners Using SAP and SAP's EDI and B2B Strategies and Partners

The mail-order company will use SAP and an EDI and B2B managed services company that SAP co-owns to handle all business partner communication in the future. The solution will be integrated seamlessly into the company’s SAP environment. is investing in the restructuring of its IT environment and will be handling all material management activities with the help of SAP software solutions in future. The company wishes to concentrate on its core competences and is therefore outsourcing EDI and B2B processes to the SAP-centric EDI specialist, Crossgate.

The central partner profile repository forms one of the core elements of the Crossgate network (Crossgate is co-owned by SAP). This is similar to a telephone directory, but instead of isolating phone numbers and addresses, the Crossgate repository contains partner specific integration mappings that have been collected during 3,000 customer projects. Currently, more than 40,000 business partner profiles exist on the network simplifying the onboarding and electronic connectivity of business processes.

More than 400 business partners of will be connected to their internal SAP infrastructure via Crossgate’s platform for the purpose of:
  1. processing orders
  2. delivery notes
  3. invoices
  4. performing master data comparisons

During the project, Crossgate will assist in contacting its partners in addition to carrying out all EDI enablement activities. In other words, it will integrate the business partners into the B2B network. The exchange of documents will then take place centrally via Crossgate’s Business-Ready Network. Around five million transactions will be exchanged annually.

Among the key benefits that is expecting from the SAP connection to Crossgate’s Business-Ready Network are a consolidation and acceleration of processes. As the solution is fully-hosted by Crossgate, Neckermann will not have to perform any kind of maintenance or updates and expansions to the solution which will be integrated into the new system architecture of The result --it will be possible to integrate all processes seamlessly, lower the total cost of operating an EDI infrastructure, and maximize the investment in SAP.

Stefan Beyler, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at, explained the situation: “Our goal is to achieve flexible, fast business processes. This will not be possible without the seamless integration of the respective business partners in all areas, including our SAP systems.”

About GmbH GmbH, with a turnover of 1.4 billion euros, is one of the leading mail-order companies in Europe. The Group, including its subsidiaries in ten European countries, employs around 5,000 people – 3,500 of these in Germany. Sun Capital Inc., a leading investment company based in Boca Raton, Florida/USA, is the majority shareholder of As a multi-channel mail-order company, it offers customers numerous possibilities for ordering items from its range of over 250,000 products, including a catalogue, the Internet, the phone and a mobile application. generates around 50 percent of turnover via the online shop and receives regular awards for its innovation, such as best online shop and the concept award for dialog-oriented shopping.

About Crossgate, Inc.
Crossgate (a company that is co-owned by SAP) offers the world's first Business-Ready Network, guaranteeing 100% integration of business partners, clients and suppliers. A single connection to the Network means electronic data exchange with any business partner regardless of their technical capability. In addition, Crossgate's B2B-360 Services powered by SAP provide clients direct access to all integrated business partners in the B2B transaction network via their SAP systems. With its legally compliant e-Invoicing Services, Crossgate also provides an innovative and 100% secure solution to cover the entire process of incoming and outgoing invoices, including signatures, global compliance monitoring, and secure automated long-term archiving. More than 40,000 business partners, representing over 10 industries, currently exchange documents and data via the Business-Ready Network.

Crossgate is represented at four sites in Germany, with operations in Atlanta, London, Milan, Paris, and AsiaPac. For more information, visit


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