Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jim Snabe, SAP Co-CEO on Business Networks and Crossgate

I came across an interesting video from SAP's last earnings call.  It is a video of SAP's Co-CEO Jim Snabe answering an analyst's question about third party SAP partners and talking about EDI and business networks.

He said that Crossgate is an example of a company with a next generation idea.  The idea that business processes are not just implemented and used internally, but rather they run across complete value chains.  

All of us who have been involved in B2B e-commerce, e-Invoicing and EDI can appreciate his comments.  SAP has invested in Crossgate, and Crossgate has developed a solution for SAP called the SAP Information Interchange for the purpose of bringing consistent integrations and methodologies to the SAP ecosystem.  This is a cloud based global e-invoicing service and EDI hub.

Electronic invoices are now a big part of the value chain in many companies.  In the last few years e-invoicing has become a big deal in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and across Europe.

I have written extensively on this blog site about many of the e-invoicing requirements.  You can use the "search" function on this blog to look up past articles.

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