Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New SAP Information Interchange by Crossgate Training Video

I came across this video on SAP's EcoHub site for the SAP Information Interchange.  The subject is how to improve your EDI and B2B system using SAP's cloud EDI service.

This video quotes a report that emphasizes the amount of data coming from outside and enterprise:
  • 34% of the data your company uses comes from outside sources
  • 56% of companies have consolidated EDI/B2B systems
  • 47% of companies are expanding their trading partners and B2B transactions
The growth trend for EDI and B2B data exchanges is only going to continue:
  • 47% observe customer service escalation demand
  • 45% see increased complexity in their business networks
  • 23% see increased supply chain risk exposure
All of these numbers simply mean that B2B and EDI are very important.  Today's trends are for companies to move EDI and B2B systems into a cloud computing environment in a managed EDI service model.  SAP is adopting this model and offering it to their existing customer base and to their new on-demand clients.

The emerging demands for e-invoicing in many countries around the world are also a big motivator for companies to seek a managed service to support all of these global requirements.

Kevin R Benedict, EDI and e-Invoicing Veteran, SAP Mentor, Analyst and Blogger
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