Thursday, May 5, 2011

SAP Awards 2011 Pinnacle Award to EDI and e-Invoicing Partner

SAP will hand out their 2011 SAP® Pinnacle award in the category of “Software Solution Newcomer of the Year” on May 16 at SAPPHIRE® NOW, SAP’s international customer conference held in Orlando, Florida, May 15 – 18.  SAP's Pinnacle awards are presented annually to leading SAP partners that have excelled in developing and growing their partnership with SAP and driving customer success. Winners were selected based on over 150 nominations in 18 categories received from partners and SAP employees.

The 2011 award winner is Crossgate, a company co-owned by SAP and the developers of the SAP Information Interchange by Crossgate.  They are both a managed EDI services provider and a global e-Invoicing services provider that utilizes a cloud computing model.  SAP's field sales teams are reselling these solutions as the SAP Information Interchange.

Last month Crossgate and Hubwoo, both companies that are in the SAP investment portfolio, announced an alliance to better support the SAP customer base with shared business networks and cloud-based procurement and EDI/B2B services.

As more countries mandate electronic invoicing and companies seek more efficient ways to send B2B data exchanges, I believe you will see an increasing demand for these kinds of services.  It appears from SAP's interest in this space that they also anticipate this market trend.

Listen to recent interviews with SAP's Carter Johnson and Hubwoo's Rinus Strydom on these topics.

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