Tuesday, September 8, 2009

SAP Blog

This blog focuses on EDI and B2B issues as they relate to SAP. Most SAP users require EDI and B2B connectivity with their large customers and suppliers. The SAP applications utilizes EDI data in the following areas:
  1. Supply Chain (SAP SNC, SRM, etc)
  2. Transportation Management (TM and Inbound and outbound Logistics)
  3. Procurement
  4. Inventory and Warehouse Management
  5. Production Planning
  6. Manufacturing Execution
  7. Sales Order Management
  8. HR Benefits (insurance, 401k, etc.)
  9. Global Trade Services
  10. Financial Supply Chain
  11. Treasury (electronic funds transfers, etc)
SAP is dedicating significant resources this year (2009) to improve the way EDI and B2B is implemented and supported in the SAP Ecosystem. Late last year SAP invested in an EDI/B2B exchange that utilizes SAP technology and is focused on providing managed EDI and B2B services to SAP customers.

If you would like more information on this subject please email me.

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