Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SAP EDI and SAP Mobile Computing - The Common Thread

Have you ever considered how similar mobile computing and traditional EDI and B2B e-commerce are to each other? I have expertise in both areas so have found myself pondering it more than once. Let’s start with a high level view of mobile computing.

1. The mobile device must communicate with a back-office server

2. There must be an understanding between the mobile device and the back-office server on what files are to be sent and received

3. There must be a secure method of transmitting data in place

4. The back-office server must recognize and validate the mobile sender

5. The back-office server must recognize the data format

6. The back-office server must understand and be able to consume the structured data file

7. The mobile data must be integrated with the business application that consumes the data.

That is just about the same process involved in traditional EDI and B2B. I believe that is why you see SAP’s NetWeaver supporting both EDI and the NetWeaver Mobile framework.

For more information on SAP Mobility click here.

Author Kevin Benedict
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