Thursday, March 26, 2009

Crossgate, a B2B and EDI Managed Services Provider for SAP, More Than Triples International Business in One Year

Crossgate UK Limited, the global expert in business-to-business integration (B2B and EDI), more than tripled its international customer base in 2008.

Today's global economic uncertainty has led companies to keep a closer eye on budgets, staff resources, process efficiency, and profitability. Because of financial concerns, many companies have been forced to reduce staff and cut back on operating expenses. In order to compete and remain successful, companies must find a way to meet their business objectives with fewer employees. And they must do this at a time when global regulatory compliance is becoming more challenging and costly.

Crossgate has risen to the challenge of helping customers weather economic storms by providing complex value-added B2B services for companies keeping a close eye on their bottom line. Crossgate's growing reputation as a proven industry leader has resulted in the company's international customer base increasing by more than 300% between 2007 and 2008. This rapid growth includes winning key accounts across the United States, United Kingdom, Finland, Italy and France.

Crossgate's Business-Ready Network offers the largest central B2B transaction repository of ready-to-run B2B processes, greatly reducing partner implementation time and expense for companies wanting to expand globally. The company's experience with international B2B requirements, regulations, and standards reduces the time and expense necessary for complex multi-country rollouts, providing companies with a business gateway to the entire world. B2B 360 Services helps companies address multiple international needs in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Implementing SAP upgrades and new applications can have a major impact on a company's B2B integration program. Crossgate's experience and strong partnership with SAP (SAP is a co-owner of Crossgate), along with our joint development efforts, reduces risk and offers stability while saving money for customers.

Crossgate offers the world's first Business-Ready Network, guaranteeing 100% integration of business partners, clients and suppliers. A single connection to the Network means electronic data exchange with any business partner regardless of their technical capability. In addition, Crossgate's B2B-360° Services powered by SAP provide clients direct access to all integrated business partners in the B2B transaction network via their SAP systems. With its legally compliant e-Invoicing Services, Crossgate also provides an innovative and 100% secure solution to cover the entire process of incoming and outgoing invoices, including signatures, global compliance monitoring, and secure automated long-term archiving. More than 40,000 business partners, representing over 10 industries, currently exchange documents and data via the Business-Ready Network.

Crossgate is represented at four sites in Germany, with operations in Atlanta, London, Milan, Paris, and AsiaPac. For more information, visit
EDI, B2B Strategies

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