Thursday, March 1, 2012

Supporting the Mexico CFD v3.2 e-Invoicing Changes in 2012

I came across this article last week on the new regulations from Mexico's Servicio de Aministracion Tributaria (SAT) that may be of interest to companies doing business in Mexico.  The new compliance mandates are listed below.

Invoiceware International extends their electronic invoicing capability to support the newly announced regulations by Mexico's Servicio de Aministracion Tributaria (SAT). These new mandates are scheduled to take affect for all companies in July 2012 leaving only a few months for companies to configure their business processes and ERP systems.

The new compliance mandates being instituted for July 2012 in Mexico includes:
   Shipping Requirement: Requires that all deliveries within Mexico must have the Comprobante (and UUID, a 32-character code assigned by the SAT) as part of the documentation accompanying the truck for delivery. Otherwise the truck and its goods can be impounded with fines demanded before release. This is a significant change for customers that do not have their logistics and invoicing processes linked together today.
Installment Payments: For installment payments, the emisor must send an invoice for each payment, plus an "informational" invoice to document the entire amount. All invoices should be signed and sealed, and the UUID of the informational invoice (along with the date and total amount) should be referenced on each payment message.

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