Friday, March 30, 2012

SAP Customers Now Have an On-demand SAP Nota Fiscal Service to Support Brazil CTe

For readers interested in Brazil's CTe, you may find this announcement of interest.  Managed Service offering for SAP ERP in Brazil now supports the Conhecimento de Transporte (CTe) for transportation invoice validations

Invoiceware International extends their SAP ERP Compliance Dashboards for Brazil to support the Conhecimento de Transporte which was made mandatory by the Brazilian government in December 2011. The legislation announces five waves of compliance for different modes of transportation with the first compliance requirements starting September 1, 2012.  

Invoiceware International’s service fully supports all of Brazil’s electronic invoicing mandates on a single platform: including Nota Fiscal Eletronica (NF-e), both outbound and inbound processing for physical goods, Nota Fiscal Eletronica de Serviços (NFE-s), for services invoices in over 120 cities, and now the CT-e for transportation invoices.

Invoiceware International’s SAP ERP Compliance Dashboards for Brazil include:
  • Compliance: Satisfies SEFAZ CT-e mandates for validation, archive and fiscal posting to your system of record
  • Lower Freight Costs: Track your spending on transportation invoices for discrepancies and eliminate duplicate invoices and payments.  Automatic matching against Transportation Management Systems or blanket PO.
  • Less Labor, Faster Processing:  Automatic reconciliation of inbound NF-e for acknowledged and pre-approved payment processing;

“The addition of the CTe Compliance Dashboards for SAP ERP rounds out our rapid deployment templates for Brazil Nota Fiscal compliance, said Scott Lewin, CEO, Invoiceware International.  “Organizations now have a single on-demand service that addresses all of the Brazilian regulations now and in the future, shortens implementations, and provides 24x7 local language support.”   

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