Thursday, March 8, 2012

RFID, e-Invoicing and Brazil's Nota Fiscal Eletrônica

I read an interesting article today by Alexandre Carvalho on SCN (SAP's Community Network) regarding RFID and Brazil's Nota Fiscal Eletronica. He described a government sponsored project that uses RFID in support of Nota Fiscal Eletronica.  Here are the details:

In August 2009, the Brazilian Government created the Brasil-ID project that uses RFID to automate the collection of data.  They will  identify, track and  authenticate products when they are in transit...the RFID will reduce the costs of insurance, and enhance the storage, distribution and logistics. For the Government, it will provide better control manufacturing, commercialization, goods transit and finally, the cost reduction and geo physical analysis for a product sales.  They will be rolling this pilot project out to over 80 companies in 2012 to support Brazil's e-invoicing requirements.  RFID will be used to automate the tracking and reporting of the goods.

I have been talking to the folks at Invoiceware about the latest requirements to be compliant with Nota Fiscal Eletronica, and I am glad I am not the one doing it.  I can see perhaps creating an in-house solution to support these requirements if all of your business was with one country, but most of the companies I talk to are supporting many Latin American countries, and there are different requirements for each.

As being compliant with all of these e-Invoicing requirements is NOT my core business, I would rather off-load the technical/IT requirements to a cloud based e-Invoicing service.

What are your thoughts?

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